Family Tree database
Information and Download

cvbFT is a simple to use application for the recording and viewing of information relating to family history. It was developed for my own personal use but is freely available to anyone else who wishes to make use of its features.

cvbFT supports a range of facilities to allow the creation, display and export of a family tree, including:

  • Adding and editing individuals
  • Specifying parents
  • Recording partners and marriage details
  • Recording life events eg. Baptism, Occupations
  • Recording sources for items of information
  • Linking of digital photos, documents and multimedia
  • Displaying data as a family tree
  • Displaying diagrams of ancestors and descendants
  • Importing and exporting GEDCOM files
  • Creating files for use on a web site

cvbFT is built on Microsoft Excel so has has no specific system requirements other than MS Excel being installed. It was originally developed on MS Excel 2003 running on Windows XP and has been run successfully on later versions of Excel and Windows. However, since version 4 I have only tested updates with Excel 2007 running on Windows 7. Please download the release that is appropriate for the versions of Excel and Windows that you are using.

   Version 4.04d (Excel 2007 - 2010 on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1) Download     
   Version 3.04 (Excel 2003 on XP, Vista or 7 and Excel 2007 on XP or Vista) Download